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    Venus Apartman a Diósgyőri Várnál

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Szállás Miskolcon

Miskolci Apartmanok




Balázsné Tóth Enikő

Balázs Sándorné (Katalin)

Balázs Gábor

3535 Miskolc, Előhegy u. 68

Szálláshely szolgáltató adóazonosító száma:


+36/30-9430-791 (HU, ENG)

+36/30-22-99-394 (HU, DE, ENG) (Viber, WhatsApp)



8.00 - 20.00

Venus Apartman
NTAK regisztrációs számhoz tartozó adószám: 54875441-1-25 NTAK regisztrációs szám: MA20002640
Tokaji Apartman
NTAK regisztrációs számhoz tartozó adószám: 54875441-1-25 NTAK regisztrációs szám: MA20002650
Flamingo Apartman
NTAK regisztrációs számhoz tartozó adószám: 54875393-1-25 NTAK regisztrációs szám: MA20002659

Why is the temperature of the thermal water important?


As far as the thermal water treatments’ usefulness goes, the temperature of the water is more important than many people think. It makes a difference what the temperature of the water is when treating a disease.

When you decide to visit a bath with your health concerns (whether individually, or recommended by your doctor), you need to pay attention to two things. First, you should only stay in the water for as long as it is allowed. Second, you should check the temperature of the water.

The allowed time varies, depending on the bath and the drop or increase in the water temperature. This means, that we might be able to spend longer periods of time (30-60 minutes) in cooler water. (For example at the Cave Baths of Miskolc Tapolca, or the Thermal Lake of Hévíz.) On the other hand, in baths that are considered warm or hot, 98.6-104 F (37-40° C), the allowed period may shorted to as little as 15-20 minutes. (For example at the Zsóry Bath of Mezőkövesd, or the Thermal Spa of Harkány.)

Miskolc Barlangfürdő

The temperature of the water is also worth paying attention to, because, depending on the disease, the temperature and composition of the water will differ. Warmer water (95-102F / 35 to 39°C) has considerably stronger beneficial effect on the body: eases the pain and relaxes the muscles. The hot water could be a cure for a number of inflammatory diseases, but one has to be careful in case of ones that are prone to flare-ups, because too hot water can worsen the condition. In case of these disorders, therefore, lower temperature water is recommended.